M Y   T R A V E L   M A P 

1997 I was born in Ludwigshafen, Germany. I lived in an orphanage since I was 8 years old, because my parents got ill. The other kids always bullied me. They called me "ugly" or "freak" because I looked different. I began my career in Germany after I finished my school. Following a three-year mind expanding experience in Europe, I re-located to Turkey and South Africa to further develop my modeling career and pursue my passion for acting. My ambitions propelled me to move to New York City. I'm fluent in English and German and speak beginner Turkish and Portuguese. Currently I reside between New York City, Dubai and Germany but I'm worldwide available for all serious proposals. I spend all my free time for meeting my friends, walking my dog, traveling and do sports. And by the way, I've created this website and managing it by myself. 

I'm so grateful for everything what happened! 5 years ago, I ran away from the orphanage, shared a one room apartment in a poor neighborhood and worked as a waitress. I started my modeling career, and fought for my dream though no one believed in me. Today I live with a wonderful man in a beautiful little village, and travel for my profession modeling around the world. I'm glad to have found myself, and now live my dream. I've believed in myself, made it, and now I'm proud of myself because I've never gave up. 

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